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How do I pre-order an album?
You click Pre-order on the top menu on and place an order. You will then receive an email when you can pick up your order in the store or when your order is on its way to delivery.

I have created a pre-order. When will I recieved it?
Estimated date for when album will be on stock, is written on the product page. Pre-order will be shipped or made ready for pick-up within 3-4 days after we have recieved the albums. Orders are packed in the order in which they are received.

The money reservation for the pre-order has been returned in the bank. What about the order?
Please note that for pre-orders over 30 days to delivery, money can be registred in the bank as returned. This does 
not affect your order, which is shipped and paid for, as for a regular order where the item is in stock.

Why can't I order a pre-order album?
As it can be difficult to know how popular an album will be, only a certain amount of albums are purchased for the warehouse, and they may sell out. (However, we quickly get new ones in stock.)

What is a POB?
POB is short for pre-order benefit, which is an "extra" that can come with a new album. Either within the album, or next to it. It can be a photo card, poster or postcard. "Preorder" will typically be indicated on the product image. We strive to write in the product description whether there is a pre-order benefit with the album in question. Please note that POB cannot be guaranteed to accompany an album. POB is delivered together with a newly released album, while stocks last. When buying in store and online.

I pre-ordered an album but it didn't come with a pre-order benefit. How so?
Pre-ordering doesn't mean an album will come with a pre-order benefit. Pre-ordering is only made to secure an album before release date.
Albums that does include pre-order benefits can be found on the 
POB Event page

Why isn't there a sticker or poster in my album?
Typically only posters and stickers are included when the album is a new release ( first press ). Since albums are sealed, we don't know when the producer will stop attaching the POB inside the album. Please note that POB cannot be guaranteed to accompany an album. If we have some POB left on the side, we give it as an extra "goodie".

When will you get new albums in the store?
In most cases, new albums are in stock 4-7 days after release date.
For special events, you can buy it in the store on the same day. Keep an eye out for events at 

I have placed an order but have not received an order confirmation?
Unfortunately, we find that order confirmations by email sometimes end up in Spamfilter. You can add Copenhagen Kpop to the mailing list to avoid this.

I want to change my order (change quantity, version, add album.) How do I do it?
You send an email to with your order number and inform us what you want changed. You will then receive an email when it is done.

I would like to cancel my order. How do I do it?
You send which order number to cancel to, You will then receive an email when it has happened.

My order has been canceled but I haven't received a refund?
Untill the order is sent for you, the money is reserved in your bank.
If your order is canceled before dispatch, there is therefore no money to return. If there are any questions regarding the reservation of amounts, please refer to your own bank.

Is money withdrawn for orders in my bank immediately?
No, money for orders is only withdrawn when order is dispatched from Copenhagen Kpop. Until then, the amount as reserved in your bank. Note that for pre-orders over 30 days to delivery, money can be registred in the bank as returned. This does not affect your order, which is shipped and paid for, as for a regular order where the item is in stock.

I have bought goods in your store via Mobilepay, but can't see the money back?
It can take up to a week before money is returned via Mobilepay. If you have any questions, please contact Copenhagen Kpop.

Can I pay with Euros in the store?
Unfortunately not. In Denmark the currency is Danish kroner (DKK), but you can pay by credit card, MobilePay, Apple- or Google Pay.

If I would like to pick up my order, should I just pay online, choose pick-up , and will I then receive an email when you have the album in stock?
Yes, you will receive an order confirmation (check spam mail) and an email when the album is ready for pick-up.

If I choose pick-up in the store on Studiestræde, will I be able to choose which version of the album I would like?
When you order online for pick-up or shipping, you can select the album version.

I see that my ordered album has arrived in your store/in stock, but why hasn't it been sent yet?
As all orders are sent to customers in the order in which they are ordered, it may take a few days for us to pack your order. Please note that Copenhagen Kpop strive to send all orders within 4 working days of ordering if the item is on stock.

It says on the order confirmation that I must pick up my order within 7 days. I'm on holiday, what do I do?
You send an email about later pick-up, enjoy your holiday and collect when you are back home.

Is it okay for someone else to pick up my order?
Yes, as long as the person can show your order confirmation/email about the order being ready for pick-up.

When will I receive my items?
When ordering online, your order will be packed within 4 business days. In case of extra busyness, for example at events, a few extra days may pass. Copenhagen Kpop makes every effort to ship your order as quickly as possible. Dao typically delivers within two working days in Denmark and within a maximum of 7 10 days in the rest of Europe.

Which countries do you ship to?
Denmark, Norway, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, France, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy.

What if the package gets lost?
Should the accident happen that your package gets lost during transport, you must contact shipping provider, PostNord click here . Tracking of package, dao click here You can also contact Copenhagen Kpop with any questions.

Can you ship the items that are in stock and forward my pre-order album?
No, all ordered albums are shipped together until all items are in stock. If partial delivery is desired, please create individual orders.

Can I get free shipping when I buy over DKK 700 in two orders?
No, to get free shipping (for Denmark) the total amount of DKK 700 must be in one order.

Can I get free shipping when I buy for DKK 699,95?
Due to automatic ordering system this is not possible.

I regret the purchase. How should the item be returned?
As long as the album/item is unopened and the packaging is not broken, you have 14 days full right of return. Send us an email that you regret your purchase or parts of it and state the order number.

You are responsible for ensuring that the goods are packed properly. Return packages are not accepted per cash on delivery or without distribution.

For returning albums, the seal/plastic cover must not be broken.
For the return of clothing and merchandise, the product must not have been used.
Returns must be made in original packaging.
You must ensure that you get documentation that the item has been sent back - for example a receipt from the delivery address/place of delivery. You are responsible for the item until it is returned to Copenhagen Kpop.

Return address:
DAO: Citykiosken, Larsbjørnsstræde 24, 1454 Copenhagen K
PostNord: Drugstore, Mikel Bryggers Gade 10, 1460 Copenhagen

The customer holds the cost of return.

Link to Terms of services policy.

There are errors in my album, what do I do?
It is of course a shame if that happens. You send an email to with your description, or come by the store. Reference is also made to the applicable trading conditions:

  • Unfortunately, due to production related processes at suppliers, we do not have the opportunity to check the contents of sealed goods, as otherwise we would have to open the original packaging, which would lose the value of the product.
  • If something is missing from the sealed packaging, such as a photo card/poster/booklet or there are "minor printing errors" on the product/paper page that fall under the trifle limit, no compensation will be given in this regard.

When complaint about missing parts or other errors in the album, film (unedited/uncut) of the unboxing , from unopened packaging until the error is detected, must be presented upon personal request.

  • Films (unedited/uncut) can be sent together with complaints to
    A refund of the item's purchase price or a 1:1 exchange is provided.

How do I know when you guys have a new album?
On the product page ( you can see the date of release as well as the expected date for when items are on stock.

Item is sold out. When will you get it again?
You may be informed, when you write your email address/mobile number on the productpage for the sold out product. Choose version and write your contact informations. You will then be notified when it is back on stock.

Is it possible to reserve an item?
Unfortunately it is not. You can order the item online for collection in the store or shipping, in order to reserve the item that way.

How well will my items be packed?
We believe that goods are packed securely and use bubble wrap for all online orders.

What about the climate?
We cannot avoid the fact that Kpop albums are imported from South Korea. Copenhagen Kpop donates DKK 1 per bought albums for Ecotree and recycles any possible materials such as plastic and paper bags to the extent possible.

We passed the store, but it was closed?
Our opening hours are all weekdays + Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm, closed on Sunday. However, at certain times it has been necessary to remain closed. We are sorry for the inconvenience. To be safe, you can always stay informed about opening times on Instagram, Google Maps and/or Facebook.

Does all albums bought at Copenhagen Kpop count on Hanteo or Circle charts?
Yes, they do that through our suppliers.

Are prices on the website the same as in your store?
Yes, they are.

Can I do an internship with you?
We would rather like to support letting young people developing new skills at the labor market, but as we do not have "enough hands" to give the young people the attention they deserve, we unfortunately cannot offer school or work placements.