Copenhagen Kpop Gift Card (For online use only - kun til brug online)

From 100,00 kr
Choose denominations

If your order includes Pre-order items, the order will be shipped out when Pre-order items are in stock.

When all items are in stock, the order will be sent within 4 week days.

free shipping on all orders over 700dkk in denmark.

Note: This gift card can only be used on the webshop.  Online gift cards cannot be used in the store in Copenhagen.


When you have purchased your gift card, it will be delivered to your email as a pdf document with a code on it. The recipient must enter this code at the end of check out to deduct the amount from the original amount. If the entire amount is not used at once, you can easily save your gift card and use the amount another day. 

You can choose to forward the link to the recipient of the gift card or print it out, wrap it neatly and give it personally to the recipient.