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Release date: November 15

Album Content
- CD : 118mm x 118mm / 1ea (Image varies by version)
- FOLDED POSTER : 195mm x 403mm / Random 1 out of 7 (Image varies by version)
- STICKER : 120mm x 180mm / 1ea (Image varies by version)
- WIDE POLAROID : 108mm x 85mm / 1ea (Image varies by version)
- SELFIE PHOTO CARD : 55mm x 85mm / Random 2 out of 14 (Image varies by version)
- FIRST PRESS ONLY POSTER : 600mm x 420mm / 1ea (Image varies by version)
(Posters will be provided to match the first-press quantity, but it may not be provided on a 1:1 basis due to unforseen circumstances.)