ARTMS 2024 Season’s Greetings SHOOT for THE MOON ARTMS in Santorini

449,95 kr

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Release date: December 27

1. Out Box: 230*230*50mm
2. Calendar: 210*160mm, 14ea(28p)
3. Beads Keyring: 25*120mm, 1ea
4. Scratch Photo Card Set: 58*100mm,5ea
5. Photo Book: 128*182mm(B6 SIZE), 28p
6. ARTMS Poster: 420*594mm(A2 SIZE), 1ea
7. Year Poster: 420*594mm(A2 SIZE),1ea
8. Mini Poster Set: 297*210mm(A4 SIZE),5ea
9. Sticket Set: 148*210mm(A5 SIZE), 1ea
10. DVD: 120*120mm, 2ea(KR, International) / 17m34s